Disregard the plot, the entertainers and the chief. What you need to make a new “Bad dream on Elm Street” are these three off-the-rack audio cues: 1. An abrupt, uproarious banging clamor blended in with a melodic harmony. 2. Giggle nibble sounds, which Freddy Krueger’s steel finger paws make each time they are seen. 3. A voice deepener, to drop Freddy’s talking voice to a foreboding level.
What’s more, you want your abrupt cuts, your lighting from underneath, your bang pound pounds and obviously a canine that barks at something inconspicuous in the evening, so your high school courageous woman can go out on the grass in uncovered feet and wobbly PJs and call “Rufus! Rufus! Here, kid!” You know in your bones that Rufus is currently looking into Doggie Heaven.