Since quite a while ago postponed Friends get-together gets off to a wonderful beginning. Individually, the six stars – who, we’re told, have just been all together once since the NBC sitcom went behind closed doors in 2004 – walk around Stage 24 on the Warner Bros. parcel in Burbank, CA., where the Friends sets have all been carefully reproduced. “Goodness,” mumbles David Schwimmer, walking around Joey and Chandler’s loft, the dreary however significant corridor, Monica and Rachel’s palatial two-room, lastly, the ratty stylish home base known as Central Perk. “This is wonderful.” Next comes Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox, lastly Matthew Perry. Embraces and tears result. “It’s astounding,” murmurs Aniston, her voice breaking. “OK, yet where’s the tissue box?” Finding none, she gets a napkin from Monica’s kitchen table.