Not since Bambi’s mom was killed has there been a cannier film for youngsters than “Conan the Barbarian.” It shouldn’t be only a children’s film, obviously, and I envision a ton of different moviegoers will like it. I enjoyed a great deal of it myself, and with me, a couple of broadswords and cowhide jerkins go quite far. However, “Conan” is an ideal dream for the distanced preadolescent. Consider: Conan’s folks are mercilessly killed by the underhanded Thulsa Doom, which moves them perfectly. The youngster is binded to the Wheel of Pain, where he goes around aimlessly for a really long time, a representation for grade school. The child constructs muscles so tremendous he could be a master football player. One day he is liberated. He collaborates with Subotai the Mongol, who is an illustration of the exemplary scholarly sort – – The Best Pal – – and with Valeria, Queen of Thieves, who is a genuine best buddy.