Kristen Wiig is an extremely lovely, exceptionally amusing lady with consoling crow’s feet scratched around her shockingly anguished blue eyes. Saturday Night Live fans realize Wiig can carry on (Target Lady!), yet assuming that you’ve been focusing, she can likewise act — she played, for goodness’ sake, a steadying power in Drew Barrymore’s underestimated roller derby film, Whip It. The fighting driving forces inside Wiig set a brilliantly restless tone for the horrendously clever new film Bridesmaids, an odd story of female companionship and wedding arranging from damnation. Were it not for some atonal interfering from co-maker Judd Apatow that is plainly intended to place male bums in the seats, Bridesmaids would qualify as one of the most momentous standard films of the previous decade — an independent ladies’ image sneaking in under summer-blockbuster cover.