I should introduce this survey by saying that Beauty and the Beast is one of my beloved Disney animated movies, second only to The Little Mermaid, so I had high expectations for the true to life Disney Beauty and the Beast. Tragically, it didn’t exactly satisfy my grand assumptions.
Clearly, this new true to life movie, coordinated by Bill Condon, depends on the 1991 Disney vivified film and not Jean Cocteau’s 1964 Le Belle et la Bête. Condon’s film follows the 1991 film intently in recounting a musically-determined story of a young lady from a little French town who is abducted by a monster in his charmed palace. There is one prominent takeoff from the vivified rendition. In this one, as in the 1946 film, Belle demands that her dad bring her back a rose from his movements. This is the means by which the dad is caught by the Beast, in light of the fact that the Beast blames him for taking. That is the main gesture to Cocteau’s film that I noted.